Location Information
(for the Old Brandon Cemetery)
Name:(Old) Brandon Cemetery
Address:Old Depot Road
City/County:Brandon, Rankin County
Registration Information
NR Listing Date:18 Nov 2010
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Mississippi Landmark Information
Book/Vol. No.:V. 2007, p. 4636
Local Designation Information
Local District Name:Brandon Historic District
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The 8.8 acre Brandon Cemetery is historically significant as the oldest surviving resource illustrating the historic development of the community. The cemetery was platted in 1831 at the same time as the town of Brandon. It became the final resting place of the men and women who established Brandon and contributed to its growth. They were pioneers, veterans, traders, merchants, politicians, educators, clergy, and slaves and free people of color. The Brandon Cemetery, with over 1000 marked graves, is also significant for its display of funerary art illustrating changing styles over time. The majority of markers are headstones with flat or rounded tops. There are also ground tablets, pedestal obelisks, and bedsteads. Some markers include symbols from fraternal organizations, such as Woodmen of the World and the Masons. Some markers are enhanced with sculpture, crosses, and relief and incised decorations. The Brandon Cemetery was listed November 18, 2010. Nancy Bell, Director of the Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation, wrote the nomination.